CNET reviews the daskeyboard

I want to share a few excellent articles recently written by CNET regarding the daskeyboard. The following is one of my favorite quotes from the editor when describing the “Ultimate”…

“….the Model S Ultimate is a truly satisfying experience for the typing connoisseur. Each key cap is perfectly concave to fit a variety of fingers, and just resting your hands on the keys feels like the cozy embrace of a plush La-Z-Boy.”

Here are the links to read the CNET Model S reviews:

Model S keyboards will drive your neighbors click, clack crazy

Das Keyboard Model S Professional

Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate

Stay tuned for the “CNET to the Rescue” podcast focused on keyboards. I hear that the daskeyboard will be mentioned.


  1. I love my Das Keyboard, but when will there be a wireless version I can use with my iMac?

  2. Hello PhillyMatt,

    I know this comment was written in July last year, but on the Internet everything remains and people could encounter this. Then I think it’s important to say something about that.

    The keyboard doesn’t exist in wireless version (I would not buy it anyway but it is not the point).
    I think wire keyboards are better (responsiveness, no batteries, more reliable, etc.)

    There is however a very good advantage to have this wired version.
    As you might have experienced it with Apple keyboards, the Das keyboard also have USB ports.
    In fact, it’s even better than what Apple did because these USB ports are USB 2.0 High speed. But this means another USB port to be used on your iMac. (it uses a Y-cable, you don’t see two cables on your desk)

  3. My custom (home made) desk incorporates a musical keyboard and allows the computer keyboard to slide out of the way to allow playing. The computer keyboard wire would get in the way, so I have to use a wireless. Thing is, I would love to try out the DK Ultimate, but alas – no wireless version 🙁 +1 on making a wireless version.

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