Introducing the New Das Keyboard 4C Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Das Keyboard 4C Professional
Das Keyboard 4C Professional


Same incredible craftsmanship packed into a smaller, more compact, tenkeyless keyboard. Some of the features include:

  • Sleek compact tenkeyless design, 87-key (US); 88-key (Europe)
  • Anodized aluminum top panel for improved durability
  • Mechanical key switches with gold-plated contacts, lasting up to 50 million keystrokes
  • UV hard coat-protected key cap inscriptions for extra-long durability
  • Full n-key rollover for a faster and better gaming experience
  • Media and special function keys for quick access
  • Windows disable key for top notch gaming
  • Two-port USB 2.0 hub to easily access files and charge your phone


Das Keyboard 4C Ultimate
Das Keyboard 4C Ultimate

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  1. Oh, that is a sweet keyboard! Would look awesome on my work desk. I never use the number keys there. Awesome!

  2. Only thing that is upsetting is why just USB 2? Why no USB 3.0?

  3. Please add a backlight!!!! Also I hope to see a 60% keyboard from das soon!

  4. What difference would it make? Its not like the keyboard needs the extra power or higher data throughput from USB 3.

  5. Do the keycaps still become shinny after 2 months? Does the plastic still squick?

  6. You are correct, but putting a USB 2 device on a USB 3 controller slows down everything connected to the controller.

  7. Kailh or Cherry?

  8. Any source for that? Sounds like a hoax.

  9. But this keyboard has a hub on it. What if you wanted to plug in a USB3 portable hard drive or one of the newer USB3 flash drives?

  10. I would be surprised if they went for Kailh.

  11. I can’t tell if this qr3 guy is serious or not.

  12. Thats exactly how it works, putting a USB3.0 device into a USB2.0 controller slows the device down to the controllers maximum data bandwidth, in the same way that putting an 8GB gfx card in SLI with a 4GB gfx card makes the 8GB function only as a 4GB card.

  13. I hope there is not reduction in Key spacing.

  14. I’m not concern with the USB2 keyboard but I want the hub to be USB 3. I’ve been wanting to replace my current DAS keyboard with a new one that supports USB 3.0 hub. I also prefer the compact size. Too bad I cannot have both. 🙁

  15. They’ve dropped the ball on this TKL big time. Now I need a cold shower. A USB 2.0 hub is not forward looking and doesn’t set this apart from other offerings. Putting the USB ports sideways was a complaint many people had and shows lefty no love, it was done right on the Profession 4 which was on the back. Would be nice to have macros, backlight, bluetooth, sdcard, and a removable braided cable, but all those are extras which many would pay for and would allow Das to capture a larger market share.
    To save $26 you lose the audio wheel, more accessible media control, better USB port placement, and a much improved and desirable USB 3.0 hub. It doesn’t compute and I don’t understand it. I was really looking forward to a TKL version of the Pro4 so I can stuff it in my bag but it looks like I better get a bigger bag. I still love Das and will put in an order for the Pro4 instead. Unfortunately a bit anti-climatic…

  16. Will there be a version with a blue switch? I’d like to pick this one up for a second office to try out.

  17. Any Clips that compare the typingsound of this one to the DAS KEYBOARD from 2012?

  18. I noticed Blue isn’t available on the drop box when choosing what to order yet you advertise it’s available. When will the 4C have blue available to order again?

  19. According to Tom’s Hardware:

    “Update Jan 28, 11:45pm: Das Keyboard informed Tom’s Hardware that these particular keyboards do not, in fact, have Cherry switches. The company has not disclosed which switches it used in these devices. We regret our assumption and resulting error.”,28466.html

    So nope, these are not Cherry switches unlike the older Das. I just hope that quality is compatible to my Mac Das Costar made keyboard. (Which are one of my favourite keyboards of all time)

  20. Hi Stevedvan – the blue switches will be available in the next month or so. We have not provided an official date when they will be available, but we will make the announcement first via email. Please sign up for our newsletter if you would like to be informed when we announce the official release date.

    Team Das Keyboard

  21. There are so many issues with 3.0 a 2.0 is a good choice for a tkl. If you need a 3.0 go with a full size.

  22. Yep they still use ABS keycaps so they will probably shine after months of heavy use.

  23. I’d love to see you guys make a 400 mm wide keyboard with a numeric keypad as I dislike reaching for the mouse, but I need the keypad since I type a lot of foreign-language text in Windows. There are some such designs out there but most are membrane or scissor-switch. Only two have mechanical switches: Adesso MKB125-B and Cooler Master Quickstorm TK. I reckon Das Keyboard could do a better job. What are the odds of one of these being added to your range?

  24. So when will these be available from UK distributors? As of this afternoon there was no availability in the UK.

  25. The 4C arrived this week and it’s a nice form factor. As nice as it is, there are some areas where improvement can be made:
    1. if it’s an aluminum anodized top, I can’t tell. Feels like plastic to me.
    2. The GREENTECH switches are NOT as nice as the CHERRY MX switches. A bit disappointed in that. I wonder if these are replaceable.
    3. The letter on the keycaps seem to be silkscreened on. For this price, I’d expect laser etched letters.
    4. No braided and removable cord? It’s the first thing that will break.
    5. USB 2.0? A bit antiquated
    6. WIsh it had a jog dial wheel, I love that about my Logitech.
    7. Macros would be nice for the hardcore programmer.
    8. A backlit keyboard would be nice.
    9. The ruler is not even a good ruler. It’s a cheap piece of plastic and you can’t see the numbers and lines.
    10. The ruler shifts a little, I’d prefer flip legs so they don’t get lost. The ruler also doesn’t have rubber feet, the keyboard moves a little.
    11. side USB ports is a step back, it gets in the way.
    12. Would be nice to have a spot to hold two pens.
    13. This keyboard should have come with a key puller? Every mechanical keyboard out there puts one in the box. Really baffled as to why they didn’t put one in.

    It’s extremely expensive for what you get. I’d pay double if it addressed all the issues I’ve mentioned. I’m willing to keep it and give it a bit more time. I like the form factor and heft. I will probably get something else and use both at two different locations just to try out. I hope DASKEYBOARD listens and takes into account the feedback from their customers. I’d like to see this DASK succeed in this market space. They seem like a good company with good people.

  26. Will there be a DK 4C for mac? if so, when will it be available?

  27. No Cherry MX – instead a cheaper thingy and they kept the premium price. It’s a no for me. I was really waiting for the this or the Mac version.

  28. My second Das Keyboard -a compact one 88 key uk layout. And I wonder: Where is or how can I activate the fn key? Or, is there something that I don’t understand? Or, am I so dummy? 🙁 pls help…

  29. See I own a das keyboard at the moment and had an accident with it that rendered it broken. I’d consider buying a Das Keyboard 4c but no cherry keys means no purchase.

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