Is Das Keyboard Das Solution?

I came across the following blog post by Smartalix on the Dvorak Uncensored blog. The post itself is a few years old now, and the picture isn’t for the current model of Das Keyboard, but I think the questions he asks are just as valid now. Everything below is from the original post:

Will having to memorize the keys improve your typing?

Das Keyboard 2 is an enhanced 104-key USB PC keyboard equipped with blank keys mounted on precision, gold-plated mechanical key switches that offer a distinct, tactile click feeling. Accoring to the manufacturer, the blank computer keys will evoke a feel similar to a piano. Following that logic, since users cannot look at the keys while typing, their brains adapt and memorize the key positions, which should result in faster and more accurate typing. In addition to its unique appearance, Das Keyboard 2 was designed to enable users to produce greater speed by providing responsive, tactile feedback. The keyboard’s home keys F and J are shaped with an increased curvature so the user’s index fingers find their home position easily.

I know people who touch-type, but still look at the keyboard for the location of function keys. Can a person memorize every key as well as its shift and alt functions?

“Das Keyboard 2 was designed for really demanding users, people who spend many hours every day in front of a computer,” said Birgit Guermeur, product manager for Das Keyboard. “If typing productivity and comfort matter to you, then this keyboard is for you.” Manufactured by the highly respected Cherry Corporation, Das Keyboard 2 is built from premium mechanical key switch technology and its keys are factory-tested to withstand up to 50 million keystrokes. The keyboard’s gold-plated contacts, arranged crosswise, ensure high contact pressure and low resistance for excellent switching reliability.

I don’t know about this, I’d love to have a well-made keyboard with that nice adjustable keystroke feel that has letters I can see. According to the company, the predecessor was quite popular. Any Das Keyboard [1] users out there who can tell me how much they like it?

So, now that a few years have passed since this post was originally written, what do you have to say? How would you answer his questions?

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  1. I’ve been using the Das Keyboard for about 2 years. As a programmer, I use a lot of the more “weird” keys. It did take me a while to memorize all of the keys, but I found that I kind of knew them already. I don’t use the Dvorak layout because I have to use all kinds of different keyboards.

    I totally adore my Das Keyboard. I’m not sure how my office mates feel about the noise, but for me the feel of the keys and the feedback I get while typing is just perfect.

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