Introducing the NEW Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac

It’s like Candy for Your Apple…

Enhance your Mac with the most advanced mechanical keyboard in the world. Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac mechanical keyboard offers quick and convenient access to a number of Mac specific key functions. The Das Keyboard 4 for Mac is available in both the Blue and Brown switches. Features include:

– Designed for Mac compatibility
– Two-port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed hub
– Anodized aluminium top panel
– Full n-key rollover
– Mechanical key switches with gold contacts
– UV hard coat-protected key caps to prevent fading


Give your Mac some click, clack and buy the Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac now.

Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac


  1. man! So close 🙂

  2. Very nice. Where can I find these locally in Austin ?

  3. Does the sleep button put the device into sleep mode or does it just turn off the display, similar to what the Control-Shift-Eject combination does ?

  4. It has the letters on it. That’s not a Das Keyboard I want.

  5. Are they using genuine Cherry MX switches for these? Quite excited to have another natively Mac compatible keyboard out there.

  6. Make a compact version (with real Cherry MX switches) and I’m in!

  7. To Ryan’s question – why is Das Keyboard abandoning the use of Cherry switches? This seems like a (bold) move given that a huge selling point is based on the reputation of Cherry. Is there any information on this. I am really reluctant spending this kind of dough on an relatively unheard of switch manufacturer.

  8. Seems a shame that the standard Cherry switches are being abandoned for Mac users. Ironic, actually, since, long ago, Apple made the absolute best keyboard bar none: the Extended Keyboard II.

    By the way, does the Caps Lock key actually lock down, or is it just a toggle?

  9. Do we have an actual ship date yet ?

  10. Same oppinion here. I am not saying greentech switches are low quality but they are just too obscure to put them into a premium product like the das keyboard 4. And I was really looking forward to the mac version.

  11. I haven’t received anything with the confirmation of shipping after I purchased. Still have just seen “Early April”.

  12. Still nothing…

  13. Hi Ryan – You should have received notification today. An email went out if you signed up in the notify me section. The Das Keyboard 4 for Mac is now shipping.

    Team Das Keyboard

  14. Hi Ryan,

    The original message stated that the Das Keyboard 4 for Mac was “not” shipping and it was supposed to state that it was “now” shipping. The mistake has since then been fixed. We are sorry about that and we hope that you receive your new keyboard soon.

    Team Das Keyboard

  15. I got the notification! Totally pumped, can’t wait for my shipment Tuesday!

  16. Cool. So when are the Cherry Reds coming for the model 4 series?

    Going to consider RGB Cherry switches?

  17. This is all very lovely. But at the end of the day – non of your resellers in the UK stock this as an option. It’s really disappointing. Not to mention your main online store doesn’t ship to different countries. To be honest a really disappointing experience from das so far and I haven’t even gotten my hands on one yet.

  18. Hi David – The resellers in UK will start to receive the new Das Keyboard 4 for Mac in May. Apologies for the inconvenience.

    Team Das Keyboard

  19. change the caps.. no biggy.

  20. My new daskeyboard 4 Professional for Mac doesn’t have the same good mechanical clicky feel that DAS is known for. I need to get another one even if I have to get an older legacy model, very disappointed 🙁

  21. will there be a compact version for mac?

  22. Potentially in the future, we will take this into consideration for future reference.


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