Lance Desktop Picture

From time to time we get pictures from Das Keyboard users showing their desktop setup. Here is one we really like from Lance Hassan. Checkout the recursive background picture. Also notable: the keyboard is the venerable first generation Das Keyboard that sports weighted keys we launched 5 years ago.

Video of Ultimate Typing Championship Final

Two of the fastest typists in the US came to SXSW for the Ultimate Typing Championship Final. Sean Wrona and Nate Bowen competed head to head to determine who is the fastest typist. Pay attention to the complexity of the text they typed during the second race… Sean Wrona won. Here is the interview of Daniel Guermeur on Austin KXAN [...]

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Wrona Wins the UTC Crown

Congratulations to Sean Wrona, our first Ultimate Typing Champion! During today’s UTC final round at SXSW Interactive, Wrona was simply EN FUEGO. He managed to type a 574-word text at a mind-blowing 163 words-per-minute. (The average professional adult types at about 40-50 words per minute.) Wrona captivated the audience in front of Das Keyboard’s SXSW booth with his blazing keyboard [...]

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Who will be the Country’s First Ultimate Typing Champion?

SXSW Interactive starts later this week (March 12-16), which means the final round of Das Keyboard’s Ultimate Typing Championship is finally here. Our two finalists, Sean Wrona and Nate Bowen, will be competing in-person at the event on Sunday March 14 for a chance to claim bragging rights as the country’s first UTC champion. Oh, and that $2,000 grand prize [...]

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ars technica spends some time with the Das Keyboard

an excerpt from a review Das Keyboard received from ars technica,‘gears and gadgets’ section: “…This review may have seemed slightly gushing, but it’s hard to apologize for getting excited about a product that hits all of your tastes so perfectly. This is a niche product, for sure; very few people are going to be spending over $100 on a keyboard. [...]

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