Finally a blog about typing productivity!

Das Keyboard blog has always been part of the Metadot blog and the rising success of Das Keyboard as a product and the enthousiasm of our user community have created the need to have a blog specific to the topic of typing, and more generally about input devices and how they affect our daily productivity. So stay tuned for more [...]

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It’s The Click

Zachary Gasiorowski, MyGamer.com, reviewed the Das Keyboard Professional and says: “Until I typed on a Das Keyboard keyboard, I didn’t realize how satisfying hitting keys can be. With an incredibly satisfying “click” noise with every key tap, this keyboard is bound to make typing more accurate… and entertaining.”

New musical instrument: The Wii Theremin

The Theremin, invented in 1920 by Russian physicist Léon Theremin, was one of the world’s first electronic instruments. It’s the only instrument that is played without being touched. Ken Moore got a Wii for Christmas and did this: Thank you to our Metadot customer www.noeq.net for pointing great project out.