Join the Das Keyboard General Community

The Das Keyboard General Community is a great way to only hear about the important things going on. Interested in hearing when Das keyboard has a new product, is running a promotion, has an announcement, or is looking for some feedback? We won’t communicate directly to the General Community unless we have some value to add, so this is the [...]

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The DAS: What does he look like?

I’ve updated the posting below to hopefully clear up some misunderstandings about our reasoning behind the creation of the DAS. If you haven’t already learned about the DAS’s personality, please read that post first. Once you’ve had a chance to speak up on the DAS’s personality, here’s your chance to influence his looks! (the stuff on the ‘inside’ counts more, [...]

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Introducing the DAS

I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Das Keyboard family: The DAS. He’s still so new that we don’t know exactly what he looks like, and we’d like your help to figure that out! The DAS will be the face of the Das Keyboard company as well as all products, both current and future.  He’ll lead [...]

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