Tips & Tricks: LoL Ban Hammer, Physics Girl, Type Racing, and More…

1. If you haven’t heard about Physics Girl, you are missing out. She is very fun to watch and, if you haven’t guessed already, she teaches you about physics. Check out some of her videos here.



2. How fast can you type? Some of our fastest typists have logged at over 120 words per minute. Take the typrX race and see how you compare.



3. Did you know that White-out isn’t the actual name of the product? Yep, we used it so often that it became the name of the product, but it really is just the brand name. The correct name in this case is … correctional fluid. Check out some other brand names that have become regular nouns.



4. If you have nothing better to do and want to just throw your feet up and watch a good ol’ fashion fun movie, then we recommend this one. Grab some popcorn while you are at it.


5. Riot has officially dropped its first formal “Ban Hammer” against one of eSports’ largest sponsorships.