Typing Through Time: Chapter Two – The Computer Keyboard

Typing Through Time

The vast majority of people who use computers take using a keyboard for granted. It can raise the question, “How did this input device develop into what it is today?” In the next installment of  Typing Through Time,  The Development of the Computer Keyboard is detailed starting with a basic history of the first computers and how typing was used to communicate with these early computing machines.  The Development of the Computer Keyboard continues with the examination of keyboard typing through the transitional decades of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, where computers were starting to dominate the typewriter market with trailblazing innovations by IBM, Apple, Radio Shack and others. These innovations are what paved the way for the modern age of computer keyboard typists. Keyboards are far from what they were at their creation, and they continue to evolve. From futuristic laser keyboards, to pocket-sized keyboard devices, and the artistically hand-crafted mods of Doc at Datamancer, typists have more options than ever before.

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Typing Through Time is in the format of a research paper, and focuses strictly on the history of typing devices. Please comment with your input, thoughts, and/or anything you feel we left out. Typing Through Time is a draft that we will continuously be adding to and are open to revisions, so please comment your feedback.