4 Simple, Quick Fixes to Improve Your Typing Today

Sometimes there’s nothing more frustrating than typing. Whether it’s hitting the wrong key during an online game, constantly messing up that one piece of coding, or even taking for-ev-er to finish that presentation due tomorrow, you wish there was an easy way to get better at typing. Well, simply put, there is. Typing is a skill that can be improved [...]

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Treat Dad this Father’s Day

We want to celebrate all the Bad Ass dads out there. For a limited time only, if you buy the Model S Ultimate keyboard with MX Blue switches, you’ll get a FREE Das Grizzly t-shirt. The Model S Ultimate will give dad a chance to show how Bad Ass of a typist he truly is. It’s dad’s turn to have [...]

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Why Your Console Friends Are Wrong About PC Gaming

The debate’s been going for ages. When you got into gaming, you undoubtedly heard the arguments over PC gaming versus console gaming. People seem to take one side of this argument, and each side thinks they have the best reasons to game the way they do. While these gamers all have some legitimate points, many console gamers are mistaken about [...]

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