Replacing the Keys on Your Mechanical Keyboard

If you’ve wondered how to replace the key caps on your Das Keyboard, we created a video to answer all your questions. Using our WASD kit as an example, we show you how to remove the current key caps on your keyboard, how to recognize the different replacement keys if you bought the Ultimate key set with no key inscriptions, and how to pop the new keys into the keyboard. If you are ready to mod your keyboard with special key caps, this is the tutorial for you. Just remember, we highly discourage you from attempting to remove the larger keys on the keyboard, like the Enter key or the Spacebar. These keys have stabilizing bars underneath them and are incredibly tricky to replace.



  1. PLEASE make Red WASD keys for the ultimate mechanical keyboard. The green looks a little odd but I love the red colour of the escape key.

  2. Indeed Enter/Spacebar/Backspace are hard to replace. It took me around 20 minutes to put a dampener under the backspace key..

  3. Do you plan to sell replacement keycaps? I am getting the Ultimate, but might want to switch to non blank in the future. If I do I’d love the keys to be in the same great font as on the Professional Model S…

  4. There is a FAQ on this website that states that complete key sets are not available. I bought the ultimate and turns out I’m not as good at typing as I thought I was…the keyboard is now useless to me 🙁

  5. Hi, do you have replacement flippers that go under the keyboard itself.. I seemed to of broken them ><!

  6. My left shift key is not working reliably. Sometimes I have to press it really hard to get it to work. On the theory that there was some junk inside there, I tried vacuuming it, without much luck. This thread recommends against replacing the larger keys, which I assume includes the shift keys. What are my options?

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