Tips & Tricks: Brew Beer, Make Infographics, and More…

1.  Love to learn? So do we. That’s why we recommend, an online community where you can learn about anything from code to crafts. You can join for free and start learning how to brew your own beer right from your home today. It sounds quite delicious if you ask us.

2.  In case you didn’t know…Google is tracking your every move. Yep, it’s true. If you have an Android phone or a Google account, you can check it out for yourself, stop to ponder the fact that you’ve been tracked (tracked!), and then quickly change the settings on Google. For other tips and tricks on how to avoid being tracked, check out our past blog where we share the sheer greatness of


3.  If you like Microsoft paint, then you’ll love this new virtual reality version where you can color the real world. Want to know what your walls will look like with a nice shade of blue? This may be your ticket…however Microsoft isn’t selling it as a tool for home improvement so much as just a really fun way to paint. Hey, we can buy into that…we love fun.

Microsoft paint

4.  Now you can suck less at making infographics. And since they are so popular, you can “wow” your boss or coworkers with your awesome skills (so long as you don’t share this tip with the team).


5.  Great news for developers…checkout the Windows 10 Universal App. Then breathe a sigh of relief.