Das Keyboard’s Guide to Meeting Women

We recently shared this image with our fans and got so many funny responses and comments.  We wanted to share our top 3 favorite fan quotes:


1. “Thinking about it, I got my girlfriend about a month after getting my mech. Coincidence? I think not.” – r0ugewolf


2. “Only if it is an ultimate. Having letters on your keys is for noobs” – Peter John Skuba Jr.


3. “Same here. I purchased one then two days later I received 2 tax returns and scored a raise at work.” – Steve Woltz


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  1. Funny thing. A week after I got my Das (I’m a developer) half my friends and colleagues (men, developers) got themselves one as well- or at least a mech keyb. of some sort (I’m a fan of the Razer line as well). Not because I attracted more women (which would be totally awesome as I’d love to see more diversity in my field of work) but because they were impressed with the quality and feel, and it helped improve typing speed, less strain, and made work more fun (as much as a keyboard can anyway).
    I’m a backend dev and none of my colleagues fit the stereotypes in the drawing (the nerdy guy that can’t get women, or women that will fall heads over heels when a guy has something shiny). Keep up the good work on the keyboards, I love mine more than any other tech equipment (and I have more than most people I know)- but make better drawings that don’t further push a negative sterotype (for men or women). Well, enough ranting, I’m back to coding now on my dearest keyboard. Ultimate of course. But only so my colleagues wont steal it hehe 😀 (and I have Swedish keyboard settings as default muahahah).

  2. German setting are equally good at screwing people up especially with the ultimate.

  3. I find Dvorak is best for messing up unwanted computer users…

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